Gas Calculations

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Cylinder Volume

Maximum Operating Depth

Team Gas Matching

SCUBA Cylinder/
Common Name
True Air
Buoyancy Empty (w/valve)Buoyancy full (w/valve)
AL40: Aluminum S40 (XS Scuba/Luxfer L6X)3000 psi40.0 ft3(500 psi) +2.5-0.7
LP 72 : Steel (older cylinders)2250 psi70 ft30-5.4
AL80: Aluminum S80 (XS Scuba/Luxfer L6X)3000 psi77.4 ft3(500 psi) +3.2-1.8
LP85: Steel BS85 (Blue Steel/Faber) †2640 psi81.1 ft32.32-3.8
HP80: Steel X7-80 HDG (XS Scuba/Faber)3442 psi80.1 ft3-1.74-5.05
HP100: Steel X7-100 HDG (XS Scuba/Faber)3442 psi101.3 ft3-0.59-8.41